Three Christian Rites

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Three Christian Rites promotes traditional christian unity through prayer, work, and education.

Brother Steven prays daily for the homeless

Roman Catholic Holy Tradition

Who are we?

We are Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, defending the true traditional Christian worship as
found in the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Anglicans/Old Catholics and Evangelical
Protestants using their rites, religious ceremony or liturgy known as the Mass.

Please explore the

Roman, Anglican and Orthodox traditions.

Why we are formed?

This project was started by two layman friends, who feel that Eastern Orthodoxy, Anglican Catholics,
and Roman Catholics hold similar Tradition and Liturgies, mainly, the liturgy called the Mass.
Although these christian denominations are separated by their respective jurisdictions.

We are striving to bring christians, who have left their respective faiths by choice
because of change, back into the christian family, using this organization.

We hope and pray that our project will blossom into mission groups with many new believing
members, who will glorify Jesus Christ, the liturgy/mass and glorify the rich christian traditions.
When formalized, we will plan to meet at least once a week for a prayer service and meal at a local eatery.

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