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The Anglican Catholic Church is the original Proivnce of the Anglo-Catholics, that separated from the Protestant Episcopal Church USA (PECUSA) in 1976 because of the insurging of theological liberalism and modifications made in ordination requiements of the priesthood.

The ACC is apart of what is known, as the Continuing Movement of Anglicans, worldwide, who hold elements of the catholic faith that Rome identifies with as their Catholic hertiage and worship of the Western Church.

The ACC is a shining light radiating towards Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Church holding onto their Anglican Hertiage and stands as a example with respect to Rome's rich liturgical diversity of rites like the Anglican Use Rite and Parishes withinin Rome.

Athough their are major theological differences between ACC and Rome like holding to the Authority of the Pope as the only Vicar of St. Peter in Christ and Leader of the Western Church, and another example would be the upholding of Pope Leo XIII's, Papal Bull Work, 1896, of the Validity of Anglican Orders are null and void. Plus, Cardinal J. Ratizinger's upholding of Leo XIII's Papal Bull in his works, 1998 Doctrine of Congregation and His Faith. There is still a vision of unity among the two churches.

Despite these differences and others, the ACC and Rome stand and have begun a dialogue toward some type of unity and reconciling of Jesus Christ's Church As One Faith. Examples are the current ACC Diocese of South America and Roman Catholic dialogue, and the Historical Continuing Movement Meeting towards unity in USA held in Wisconsin and PA.

The ACC with their sincere and faithful Catholic Believers hold to the Faith regardless of any errors. Like the English saints before them, Oxford Tractarians, Caroline Divines Non-Jurors and the Saints of the Modern and Early Catholic Church before 1534, we stand united with Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy in this secular world that we live in as a shining light and example to define the Real Presence of Christ in the Liturgy of the Mass in all Three-Christian-Rites.

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Project Canturbury is a great website because it explains the three Christian Traditions of Anglicanism, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy and their relationship to each other. It also shows the great history and thinkers of each Traditions.

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